Neurodiversity Affirming

Neurodiversity-affirming practice image.

What is neurodiversity-affirming practice? ‘Neurodiversity-affirming’ — a term you have likely heard over the last couple of years, although not new. Neurodiversity-affirming practice moves away from the medical model where individuals are viewed as ‘fixed’ to fit into their environment. Instead, this type of practice follows more of a social model, focusing on changing the […]

Bilingual Homes

Bilingual Homes

Bilingual Homes We often get referrals for clients in bilingual homes. These referrals lead to discussions about speech development for children when parents are bilingual and some misconceptions about bilingual homes, such as teaching children more than one language or what speech therapy can look like for bilingual children. What are some of the advantages […]

Late talkers

Are late talkers just lazy kids?

Are late talkers just lazy kids? Um, No!! I have a tough time skating. I can go forward and around the corners, but skating backwards and stopping are impossible for me. So, am I just a lazy skater?  Um, No!! Learning to talk is a complex skill to learn and master. Children need to pay […]

Do girls start talking earlier than boys?

Girls start talking earlier than boys

Do girls start talking earlier than boys? The simple answer is yes. Girls, on average, use gestures earlier, use words earlier, have a greater vocabulary and combine words earlier than boys do. But the world is not simple. Research has shown us that the difference is not very significant. Girls speak on average one month […]


ACC Verbal Language

Does Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) delay verbal language production? Short answer: No. AAC is a great way to develop functional communication! Communication is everywhere — it is within everything we do! But remember, communication is not just verbal. Communication can also be non-verbal (e.g., gestures, eye-gaze, body language, etc.). If a child is non-speaking, […]

My Toddler is Stuttering Should I be Concerned?


My Toddler is Stuttering Should I be Concerned? Is your toddler repeating sounds and words, all of a sudden? Do they seem to get stuck on the first word or repeat entire phrases or sentences? Are they struggling to communicate their ideas because of frequent repetitions? Your toddler may be experiencing a common communication challenge […]

Language Facilitation Techniques

Language Facilitation Techniques

I’ve provided a list of some great language facilitation techniques. These can be used with all children who are learning language, whether there is a delay or not.

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