Ontario Autism Program

All About Communication is a provider of services under the Ontario Autism Program

Play Project

All About Communication is providing Caregiver Mediated Services and Core Services with the Ontario Autism Program. These programs are fully funded by the Ontario Autism Program for all eligible Autistic children. Caregiver Mediated Services provides one-on-one in-home parent training to parents with autistic children. All About Communication will be providing parent training based on an evidence paced program called the Play Project in partnership with ACT Learning Centre.

Core Services can be provided to all eligible children with autism spectrum disorder using funding from the Ontario Autism Program. These services are also provided one-on-one speech and language services to autistic children in their homes, in our clinic, or through telehealth.

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1 in 66 Canadian children have an autism diagnosis.

What is the Play Project?

Play Project

The Play Project is a parent training program that teaches parents to implement evidence-based strategies to help their autistic children to engage, learn, and grow through play. This program helps fill in the gaps in the development of children with autism which are present in even the most verbal child with autism. Children, even those with Autism Spectrum Disorder, learn best through play and the Play Project uses this natural approach to help parents implement strategies in their own home. This program is fully funded in Ontario to eligible families through the Ontario Autism Program.

For more information on the Play Project and how we can help your child and family please contact 1-833-887-7529 or playproject@actlearningcentre.ca

What is Core Services?

What is Core Services

Core services for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder is fully funded in Ontario to eligible families through the Ontario Autism Program. These services include speech and language services provided by a registered Speech and Language Pathologist. These services include assessment and treatment for speech sounds, language, social communication, executive functioning, stuttering, and much more. We often see children with autism with age appropriate language and speech sounds to provide support for social communication which is impacted to some degree in Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Please contact us and learn how we can provide continued support to your family.

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"When you do what the child loves the child will love being with you."

— Dr. Rick Solomon, Founder of the Play Project

* Autism Spectrum Disorder among Children and Youth in Canada 2018. Statistic based on children ages 5 to 17.

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